10 Best UPI app in 2021

We have listed below the Best UPI app among all the UPI apps available on the play store. UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface which was developed by NPCI i.e. national payment corporation of India for fast, easy and quick transactions between two bank accounts.

Upi payments have grown many fold after demonitisation and is currently the most popular payment Method.

Are UPI Payments safe?

UPI payments were introduced by NPCI (National payments corporation of India) to increase digital payments. It is currently the most common and one of the most safest modes of payment.

When you pay someone through UPI the money gets deducted by your bank and is tranferred to the receiver bank through third party apps such as Paytm, Phonepe, Google Pay, etc. NPCI regulates these transactions and the payments are done by entering UPi pin making it safe and secure. The UPI account doesn’t work when you take out your registered SIM with the bank account from your mobile which gives it an extra layer of safety. So you or someone else cannot access your UPI account in any other mobile unless you enter you registered SIM with your bank in that mobile.

However there have been many cases where people have been cheated and thy lost their money to fraudsters who ask them to enter UPI pin in order to receive money. You must never enter UPI pin if you get a call and a person ask you to enter your UPI pin. For receiving money through UPI you don’t need to enter you PIN. The money gets automatically received in your bank account.

Best UPI Apps in India

UPI AppAverage Customer Rating(Out of 5)Cashback Offers ScoreDownload Link
1. Paytm4.5ExcellentDownload Now
2. Phonepe4.5GoodDownload Now
3.Google pay4.3GoodDownload Now
4. Amazon UPI4.3ExcellentDownload Now
5. Freecharge4.1ExcellentDownload Now
6.ICCI Pockets4.0AverageDownload Now
7. BHIM UPI4.5PoorDownload Now
8. Mobikwik4.3GoodDownload Now
9. Yes Pay3.4AverageDownload Now
10. BHIM SBI Pay4.3AverageDownload Now

Features of UPI payment App?

  • Instant money transfer 24 hours and on all days. 365 days
  • Access all bank accounts from one application
  • Two-step easy authentication
  • Virtual address for each customer for hassle-free transactions-no need to enter the receiver bank account details
  • Feature of bill sharing with friends- You can break up the payment among many users
  • Utility bill payments and other merchant payments with a single scan
  • Customer support from the app
  • Check bank account balance

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10 Best UPI Apps in 2020

1. Paytm

best UPI app in 2020

Paytm business grew much fold after demonetization. However, the UPI feature came quite late.
Paytm also offers UPI transactions to any UPI address directly to a bank account.

Following the large number of UPI transactions of Bhim UPI and Phonepe, Paytm is also now running promotional offers to send money transactions to attract users towards its UPI feature.

However as the Paytm app offers a bulk of services along with shopping, the apps seem crowded and are a little less user-friendly. But still, Paytm has users in million who do UPI transactions and is closely competing Phonepe.

Features of BHIM App

  • Send Money
  • Receive money
  • Scan and pay
  • Block user
  • Eight languages support

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Download Paytm.

Try Paytm for UPI transactions

2. Phonepe

Phonepe UPI
best UPI app in 2020

It is an app of flipkart.com. It is now the most popular UPI app. Phonepe is said to have the 40% of total UPI transactions which is the largest market share by any UPI app.

This growth in online transactions of UPI was started soon after demonetization. Phonepe was one of the earliest apps which were launched with the UPI feature after Bhim UPI.

Features of Phonepe

Send and request money from your contacts
Recharge DTH, prepaid, Datacard
Pay bills of utility like electricity, water
Pay postpaid, landline bills
Check account balance
Get refunds and cashback on transactions
Split bills

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Today Phonepe has more than 100 million active users. The large number of users of Phonepe is largely due to a great number of offers that Phonepe right from the beginning is running to attract its users.
Currently, Phonepe has offers to send money transactions, recharges and other services. Paytm, Freecharge and many other apps soon launched UPI functions in their app following the success of Bhim UPI.
This app is clean, smooth and user-friendly. The customer service is also quite good.

Try Phonepe for UPI

3. Google Pay

Google Pay UPI
best UPI app in 2020

It is a UPI based app from google. Soon after its launched, it attracted millions of users because of its trust which comes by its name as it’s a google product and great offers. It is now offering many many features like mobile and Dth recharge and payment on another website.
It has good customer support and user-friendly app. Like all other UPI apps, it also offers to check bank account balances online.


  • Pay and receive money
  • Online merchants payments
  • Pay bills for water, electricity, Landline, and postpaid
  • Rewards on transactions

Try out google Pay and enter i69IJ referral code during creating account to get huge cashback.

4. BHIM App

UPI Payment App
UPI Payment App

BHIM full form is Bharat Interface for money. It is a UPI app developed by NCPI. It is simple and easy to use the app. This app allows a bank to bank free transfer with just the receiver phone number or VPA(virtual payments app). It is one of the best UPI Payment App in India.

Features of BHIM App

  • Send Money
  • Receive money
  • Scan and pay
  • Block user
  • Eight languages support

Download BHIM

5. Freecharge

Freecharge UPI
best UPI app in 2020

This app is owned by Snapdeal and is one of the newest apps to launch the UPI features. This app also offers services to recharge mobile, Dth and payments to another website. The UPI feature is the same as other apps. It is also a quite old app and has the option of storing the balance in its wallet. It is also quite a simple, smooth and user-friendly app. Although it has less number of UPI users as compared to the top three UPI apps.
The customer service is good and generally, queries are responded within 24 hrs.


  • UPI payments- send and receive
  • Mobile recharges
  • Bill payments
  • Metro card recharges
  • QR code scan and pay
  • Mutual funds

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6. Icici Pockets

Icci Pockets UPI
best UPI app in 2020

This app is a UPI app of ICICI bank and now has a UPI feature and offers recharge and many other digital services. There is an extra feature is that it has an online credit card features by which you can use their online card in online payments across the website and other apps. This sets this app apart from others. However Paytm also has an online debit card option but for that, you must have Paytm payments bank account which is now on hold for more than 6 months. But ICICI pockets offer this feature without any trouble. Only you have to admit an ID proof and that’s all.
The ID proof is now necessary for all UPI apps as it is made mandatory by RBI for opening an online wallet in any UPI app.


  • Nfc touch and pay- by online card
  • Online debit card
  • Scan and pay
  • Prepaid mobile recharge, Dth recharge
  • Send and receive money

7. BHIM yes pay

UPI Payment App

It is a UPI app from yes bank consisting of wallet, virtual card, and QR. It has over 500 K downloads and 4.1-star rating in over 9K ratings.


  • Load money in wallet for quick payments
  • Save cards and auto load funds
  • Send and receive money
  • Prepaid mobile and Dth recharge
  • Shop
  • Bill payments
  • Virtual card

8. MobiKwik

Mobikwik is another UPI app which has a wallet feature where you can load money for quick payments. It has over 10 million downloads on the play store. The app is rated 4.2 stars in over 1 million reviews.

You can enjoy all the features of the UPI app such as to send and receive money, bill payments.


  • Bill payments-electricity, water
  • Send and receive money
  • Recharge Mobile and Dth
  • Small personal loan
  • Book tickets


UPI Payment App
UPI Payment App

It is a UPI app developed by SBI bank. It is the most downloaded UPI app as compared to other UPI app developed by banks. As you know Phonepe, Google pay. Paytm is not developed by any bank.


  • Recharge Dth, mobile
  • Pay local merchants
  • Send and receive money
  • Easy customer support

10. BHIM Axis Pay

UPI Payment App
UPI Payment App

This UPI app is developed by Axis bank. It offers instant money transfer, Dth recharge, and bill payments.

This app can be used by axis bank users as well as non-axis bank users. You can link multiple bank accounts and also check their bank balances.


  • Instant money transfer using UPI and receive money
  • Recharge mobile, Dth
  • Instant Credit Card

Tell us what do you think about the top 5 best UPI app in 2020
And which is your favorite UPI app?

Frequent Asked Questions about Upi(FAQ)

What is the UPI payment mode?

UPI or Unified Payment Interface is a faster payment system which is developed by the national payment corporation of India for instant transfer of money between two bank accounts.

Requirements for using UPI payment App

  • You should have an active sim linked to a bank account
  • Your message sending option must be set to that sim which is linked to a bank account
  • You should have a valid debit card linked to your bank account
  • Your mobile number should be linked to your bank account and the same number should be used for using the UPI app

How do I pay through UPI?

  • Login to your UPI app by entering the asked information.
  • Click on UPI or send money option
  • Choose and enter VPA(virtual payment address or bank account details i.e. account number, IFSC code, and Account holder name.
  • Enter the amount of money to be transferred.
  • Check details
  • Enter UPI pin and submit

What is UPI based app?

UPI apps are payment apps which use UPI developed by NPCI to instantly transfer money between two accounts.

Which is the safest UPI app?

BHIM which is developed by National payment corporation of India is the safest UPI app as it is the app which is developed by the developers of UPI i.e. NPCI.

Why you should choose UPI for transactions?

After demonetization the number of online transactions increased rapidly, here we are listing down the top 10 best UPI apps in 2020. These are the best UPI app, all app which is listed down supports UPI payments and are approved by NPCI.

These best UPI app have options of sending money from your bank account to other’s bank account without any charges. It is an easy, fast and secure way of doing online transactions.

An important thing to note is that all UPI apps transaction speed are the same and the speed of transaction doesn’t depend at all on the particular UPI app but depends on the sender bank server speed and receiver bank server.

The UPI speed is the same in all apps as NPCI acts as the middle man in all these apps. All these UPI apps ultimately submit their transactions to NCPI and after NCPI approval all transactions get processed. But offers in different apps are different and at different times.
So, you should choose the apps with the best offers.

What is UPI payment mode?

UPI or Unified Payment Interface is a faster payment system which is developed by the national payment corporation of India for instant transfer of money between two bank accounts.

Which is safest UPI app?

Google Pay, ICCI Pockets and Phonepe are the safest UPI app as they have a fingerprint or pin-based opening interfaces. You have to enter the set pin which you have entered while signup or pattern to open the app.
This gives these apps an added safety feature.
However, All UPI apps use the same method of PIN protection in UPI payment which is designed by the National payments corporation of India and individual apps don’t have their own payment method. They rely on UPI developed by NPCI. BHIM UPI app is the official app for UPI.

Which is best payment app?

Currently Paytm app is best for upi payment as it has lots of cashback offers everytime. Google pay gives scratch coupons on transcations but most of the time you will not get a single paise in after scratching the coupons.
Whereas paytm offers certain amount of cashback in almost all transactions.

Which is better UPI vs Bhim?

UPI is not an individual app but it is the payment method developed by the national payments corporation of india(NPCI). BHIM is an app of NPCI which offers UPI payments. It was the first app which started offering UPI payments. In order to maximise online payments government later allowed other apps such as google pay, phonepe, paytm to offer UPI payments.

Which UPI app gives more cashback?

It varies with time as sometimes you will find paytm giving more cashback while at others phonepe or google pay offering exiciting cashback. All you can do is to install all the popular UPI apps such as phonepe, google pay, paytm and amazon and keep checking the offers section of these app for highest cashbacks.

Can UPI be hacked?

It is nearly impossible or not easy to hack UPI. It works only in the registered user mobile in which the registered mobile number sim card is inserted. If you will remove your sim card which was used to register on UPI then your UPI will not work for safety purposes.

There has been news about people losing money by UPI. This happens because the user itself transfers the money to the fraudster as the user thinks he/she is accepting money. But the fraudster sends a request for taking the money and when the user enters the UPI pin the money is lost.
However, Anything can be hacked but still, UPI uses a strong security payment interface which is not easy to hack.

Is UPI ID Safe?

Yes it is safe and secure but if you don’t take caution then fraudster can steal money from your account. For this reason you should carefully understand dos and donts of UPI.

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